Nestle Cereals Breakfast Diary Results

A few weeks ago I recorded what hubbie, the boys and myself had for breakfast everyday after Nestle had kindly offered to have a nutritionist look through our information and then give us some useful suggestions to improve our breakfasts.

I am always open to helpful advice especially with breakfast being an important meal to start the day so I jumped at the chance to get involved. I always find the boys enthusiastic to eat their breakfasts but I just wanted to make sure we were all on the right track.

Thankfully we are doing some things right, the boys are getting plenty of calcium with their yoghurts, milk in their cereal and beaker of milk to drink. We use semi-skimmed milk, which is best once your child turns 2 as whole milk has more fat.

I am however being lax on the fruit front and need to try and include some of that with all our breakfasts. Otherwise I am missing out on a valuable opportunity to squeeze in one of our five a day! So our cereal might include some berries or sliced banana on top for good measure from now on.

I need to knock my teacake habit on the head, as they are not as filling as whole grain options and enjoy a nice piece of wholemeal toast instead! I usually drink a glass of water but when I do have toast I still need to include a source of calcium, so I will be taking all this on board for my breakfast too!

I usually let the boys pick out whatever cereal they like when we are out shopping, but I think after my feedback I will check for the cereals that are wholegrain and come fortified with extra B vitamins and iron and steer them towards that selection. Fortunately Nestle have quite a few that my boys already enjoy (Cookie Crisp particularly!) that meet my new criteria.

After I submitted my diary I was also sent a selection of Nestle cereals that were perfect for us as each contained whole grain (each part of the grain).

I did not realise that the green banner at the top of the box was an open acknowledgement to that fact so I will be seeking these out from now on. It is one of the easiest ways to get one of your three recommend servings of whole grain in!

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