News of a National Trust Wales Exclusive Competition

rarely enter competitions anymore unless I really fancy the prize. As my blog took off my time to mooch around
on loquax seeing what I would like to win has sadly dwindled away.

miss the little trickle of prizes though! 
So in case like me you do not have as much time as you would like to
find lovely competitions I thought I would share this latest one from National
Trust Wales.

are offering an exclusive tour of Penrhyn Castle all the nooks and crannies you
would not normally get to see! Secret
doors, hidden passages, all the good bits you wish you could explore but do not
normally get a chance. We have been to Penrhyn Castle as a family on one of their Easter Egg hunts and we had a fabulous time, I can recommend it as a day out especially when they have a event like that at the same time.

Here are some facts you might not have known to whet your appetite to enter the competition, reading more about Penrhyn Castle has made me want to enter for a chance to see all the extra bits we were not privileged to see on our last visit, but for one lucky winner it will be an all access tour. That will be one memory that really sticks with you, a talking point to remember for ever.

The competition opened today and closes on
Friday the 4th of April, so you only two weeks to enter, so no
time like the present! If you would
like to enter you can do so on the National
Trust Love Wales facebook page. It looks relatively simple to enter too.

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