On a Shoestring

Like most things to do with the children picking out their first shoes was prone with worry for me! You hear about needing decent fittings by trained professionals otherwise the growth of their feet will be impaired! I was always worrying they would be hobbling around with squished feet so would splash out a small fortune getting that done! But I think if you use sensible judgement and feeling around your child’s foot to gauge how much space they have you can buy cheaper shoes from anywhere that stocks them. As they get older their feet are not growing quite so fast either, which helps a little, you do not panic so much then. When they are tiny you are so overprotective and listen to every experts advice, until you finally realise the only true expert of your child is the parents.

It is so expensive in the beginning when you can be replacing new shoes every six weeks but to be fair my boys are scuffing or trashing their trainers often that fast anyway! So I need shoes to be affordable as it’s an expensive business. They walk in muddy puddles, they like kicking walls, they roll down hills… they enjoy being active boys. It is lovely to see them busy in their environment but my wallet does feel the pinch when I buy shoes so often!

Brantano have online deals of the week that is a useful way to save a few quid. I saw a lovely pair of trainers for the boys and they only cost £11 with the special code. I will be keeping an eye on this website every week from now on, I usually spend about £35 on trainers from the local sports shop so that will be a huge saving.

But if you feel more comfortable you can head in-store so you can make sure the shoes fit well, there seems to be plenty of stores dotted around the UK.

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