Operation Smarten Hubbie

hubbie seriously needs to smarten up, I caught him heading to work in jeans the
other day, admittedly it was because I was behind with the washing but still…

You would think making sure he had adequate clothes for
work would spur him on to use the washing machine!!! But he does favour jeans and hoodies so it would be any excuse
not to head into work in formal trousers. 
I know the clothes he prefers are comfortable but he has a team of staff
to manage so surely he should present himself in the best light, one that doesn’t involve three day old stubble!

need a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and give him a professional
makeover, so his clothes match his conduct. 
So in the absence of such a magical creature I have took it upon myself
to give him some pointers. Nagging wife
that I am! Believe it or not you can
actually get corporate
image advisors who can tailor your wardrobe for success…

Clarks Clinkard could
provide the shoes; I have seen him trying to sneak out of the house in his
trainers before (they are black and from afar might not appear too casual but
still he does have meetings to attend where people might be much closer to

Shoes look just the thing! With his
stylish shiny shoes he could dazzle anyone. 
He usually gets his shirts and suits from Next, which I am more than happy
for him to continue doing, I just need to keep up with the washing or give him
a little training session in the operation of the washing machine so he can get
on with doing it himself!

I might be being a little harsh on my poor man given I blog from home in a
onsie and boot slippers most of the time, you cannot really blame him for
wanting to be a little dressed down on occasion.

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