Playmobil Eggs Review

We were sent two of these clever Playmobil Eggs; they are
a great alternative to chocolate for Easter. 
My two seem to get so much; I end up having to help them get through it
all (a huge hardship I know lol!). But
I do worry about their teeth and it’s useful to see some alternatives to the
sugary stuff!

get eggs off the family and then usually there are a number of Easter related
events in the community where they end up with yet more chocolate! So I think hubbie and I should come up with
something else for them each year and these offerings from Playmobil are
ideal. At £5.99 each they are no more
expensive than some of the big eggs but have lots more playability. It is quite exciting opening the plastic egg
and seeing the Playmobil toy inside.

is a mini build project complete with instructions. There is not too much to do, but enough for your child to feel
satisfied they helped build it. Eldest decided to wear the tiny bikers helmet for himself (you can just about see it!).

We were
sent the Robo Gang Spy with Glider and the Biker with Motorcycle. Both toys when made were good fun. The boys were happily occupied, eldest
seeing what daring stunts the biker could do (upside down on the handlebars
being a particular favourite!) and youngest shooting the weapon again and
again (he is not pictured as his mouth went completely blue after eating too many raspberry bon bon’s).

are four egg sets available on the website,
the two I mentioned that we were sent and Flower Fairy and Native American girl
sets to appeal to the girls. Although I
have a feeling they will be just as keen to do stunts and fire the weapon as
the boys were.

also noticed whilst I was on the website that they had an Easter Calendar
(£9.99) I really liked the look of this, with all the bunnies eldest would have
been in his element!

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