Shivering Cold

As I have got a bit older I really feel the cold. As I tend to be home with just the pets for
company as I blog during the day it seems silly to heat the whole house just
for us. But lately I am finding I
cannot help myself I slowly notch up the thermostat higher and higher as the
day progresses, I just make a point of not admitting to hubbie that I
have. I started off so virtuously only
using a throw to stay cosy, but now I need the throw, regular cups of hot tea
AND the heating on!!!

am also finding our bed cold at night! 
I even had to pinch a pair of hubbie’s socks the other night to stay
warm, not very attractive but I had no choice as I was shivering away. My parents always had electric blankets when
I grew up which I always thought was a bit overkill, but now I am thinking I
can see the benefit of having such things. 
At the rate I am going I will find electric blankets
are essential just to defrost my cold feet! I do not like the heating on over night as I do not want the boys
uncomfortable in their own beds, but if I had an electric blanket I could make
sure my bed is toasty warm for when I head to it! Hubbie will be relieved if it means I ditch the socks.

I do not fancy leaving an electric blanket on when I am actually in bed, I know
with some you can, but I would be panicking that I would wake up
overcooked! So for when I am actually asleep
I think a range of thick duvets
especially for the cold winter would be the most sensible option!

This duvet is called the Snug Essence of Sleep! That is just shouting out for me to buy one, with a name like that even I could not possibly be remotely cold. It would be like a duvet built for hibernating in.

funny as you get older the ways of your own parents suddenly seem to make that much
more sense, I am slowly turning into my own mum (this article says there might be a genetic base for it, so I may as well accept it!). As much as I thought I would fight that process, I actually
accept that with age comes some sort of enlightenment.

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