Soreen Review

I was sent a box bursting full of squishy Soreen, I was
very pleased with the delivery as the boys were off for half term at the time
and requiring regular snack breaks!

love it personally as it is really filling, I was having toastie loaf and a
cuppa mid morning everyday and had more than enough energy to chase the boys around!

the box also came a recipe book I had not realised just how versatile Soreen could be. It sounds quite easy to transform their products into very
appetising puddings. I would have
attempted one myself but the products did not hang around long enough for me to
get the remaining ingredients. So that
is definitely something to try for again. 
But to give you some idea you can incorporate ½ a Soreen banana loaf
into a chocolate brownie recipe, just imagine how moist and tasty they would be
and that’s just one of the many ways Soreen can enhance your life in the

favourite from the selection we were sent was the Fruity Five Loaf, it was jam
packed with cherries, sultanas, currants and zesty peel. It was a lovely combination of flavours,
which reminded me of my mum’s home baking.

boys are still huge fans of the banana lunchbox loaves and they wolfed them
down before I could get a decent picture of them with the product!

thought the pre-buttered little snack packs were a clever idea and useful for
when you are out and about, as I do prefer my Soreen buttered. Hubbie thinks you should eat it as it comes
straight out of the packet, but I think it tastes even nicer with the butter
added. I shared this snack pack with
youngest as he loves fruit malt loaf and it was another hit.

do so love some Soreen in our snacking lives!

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