Stickems Competition

offer in my latest competition I have one Mr Men and one Little Miss Stickems
(Β£4.99 each) to giveaway.  Stickems are
so useful to attach to your phone or tablet then when your screens get mucky
you can conveniently wipe them clean.
Having children my screens are messier than most, when they play their
games usually their hands are already sticky and covered in chocolate which
they kindly smudge across the keys and screen. 
Children are very tactile so you can pretty much guarantee their hands
will be grubby!  It’s easier to find a
suitable product to help with the problem than it is to train your children to
go around with pristine hands!
have been developing their range and including lots more characters, popular
for children and adults alike.  So not
only do they offer a really useful practical product they actually look eye
catching and appealing too.  I love Mr
Men and Little Miss; you can always find yourself relating to one of the
If you would like to
enter my competition to win the two prizes then kindly fill out the rafflecopter
below by the 16th of April. 
After the giveaway has closed I will pick one winner who can then enjoy
screens without fingertips on them.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

71 thoughts on “Stickems Competition

  1. Little Miss Sunshine, on the school run my daughter Hallie told me that she is Little Miss Sunshine and she wants a Miss Sunshine outfit for easter πŸ™‚

    Becci Cleary

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