Sticking to the Healthy Areas

weather picked up briefly and it seemed to re-energise all the germs! Everyone in this local area is coughing and
spluttering, my facebook wall is covered in complaints about people and their
kids feeling unwell. It’s hard to know
what to do for the best to try and stay healthy! You can take a decent multivitamin, eat lots of fresh fruit and
vegetables and make sure you have adequate rest and fresh air, whilst keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best…

it might be tempting to hide indoors to avoid being exposed to everyone right
now! You can be even more drastic than
that and actually see a map
of tweets about colds. I think this
is a great way to give you some idea about which spots might be more prone to
illness then perhaps you could relocate completely! How does it work, well Twitchoo mines twitter for UK mentions of
cold and flu (headache, fever, cough and sneeze) and then overlays it on a map
of the UK, I think this is so clever and quite interesting to look at. The highest-level areas must have more
exposure to germs or just like to openly complain on twitter more! I am relieved to see Wales is a low-medium
area phew. Perhaps more people have having there flu jabs here?

have even had scarlet fever doing the rounds, a few poor children ended up in
hospital as their temperatures are difficult to control and they are not taking
enough fluids. Germs always make me
feel a little panicky I always worry about my youngest son in particular as he
had a febrile
when his temperature spiked. 
So I would love to avoid fevers, as that was a very dramatic experience
seeing him fit, although if I asked hubbie to move based on this map would he
listen, probably not! So I guess for
now I will stick to giving the boys their chewy multivitamins and trying to
coax fruit down them.

I hate seeing them looking poorly! This was a while ago when he was full of cold. So next time your unwell please tweet about it, so I know to keep away so I can keep my little lovelies healthy.

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