SwellUK Competition

have a lovely new competition for you, if you have ever considered getting some
pet fish perhaps for yourself or your children then this latest giveaway will
come in very handy. This is a smaller
tank than the one we reviewed
last year, but very useful if you have issues with space or do not want to
commit to a bigger tank.

You can still enjoy watching the fish swim around, we are
finding it very relaxing and a tank is definitely a focal point for the
room. Also whenever the children have
friends over they make a beeline to our tank. 
They like seeing the baby mollies and how much they keep growing, they
really have flourished and come along now. 
It was such a joy when they were born for the boys to see life being

We have learnt a lot about our fish, the importance of
water changes, feeding the correct amount (don’t let them bully you to feed them
again!) and timely changes of the filter.

We have returned to SwellUK as a customer having bought a
separate little compartment to keep our fry safe when they were teeny and
looking like a tasty snack for the bigger fish. I found the prices very reasonable and delivery was prompt. So if you are planning on getting fish soon,
have a little look around the site and see what bargains you can find.

with the tank
Swell have kindly agreed to include some gravel and plants so your fishes will
be happy here. The tank itself is
available to buy for £59.99 so it is a generous prize and a good start to your
plans to keep fish. To
enter the competition please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 3rd
of April.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

239 thoughts on “SwellUK Competition

  1. I Love Looking At all the Fish Items Swell Sell Online, I Would Love To Own A Fish tank, I've Never Had One Before But Find Watching Other peoples Tanks Very relaxing

  2. I have a jewel 190 and all my baby fish(fry) get eaten was looking at these tanks to put fry in they are lovely, and ideal would love to win one so fingers are crossed very very tightly 🙂

  3. looks a lovely tank and loving the little light over the top, being honest had a big old bio-orb and they are great but they kinda take over a room as it was one of the bigger models and in truth was too big for a smaller house – this would be perfect x

  4. I would love one of these for my room, my grandkids would love it too, when they come to see me, thanks for the chance to win x
    Tracy Sinclair
    Twitter @tjsi1963

  5. Evening, hope all is well, great prize, young or old, Gran-Daughter Summer,2 years young broke her elbow, in a fall, we have promised her a gold fish, so this solves, one part of the present, thanks once again, fingers x

  6. I loved the bit in this blog where you tell about the baby fish being born and your sons learning about life being created. awesome.

  7. My friends have a tank like this and it is stunning – would love one too! Calling out from some little tetras…

  8. I would love to win this for my stepdaughter i treated her to a goldfish 5 years ago and it is still going strong much to her credit infact the tank has seen better days and has aged and needs replacing before the fish (irun bru) itself does. This lovely tank would be just rewards for her proving what a caring fish owner she is.

  9. I have entered, thank you. My youngest has been asking for a fish tank for his bedroom and this one looks so cool and compact and just perfect for a boy who is no longer a little boy and likes to believe he is all grown up already.

  10. Hello, a wonderful prize, I have a 3ft tank with tropical fish, its a great hobby. I would love to win this tank to have other fish that do not mix with whats in my 3ft. Another great competition. Good luck to everyone. x

  11. My daughter and her BF have just moved 250 miles and with them came the fish so it would be a fab treat for the fish to have a loveley new tank 🙂

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