The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott

were sent two of these lovely hardback books, Animals Everywhere and Planes,
Trains and Cars.

They were both very bright and colourful for my two boys
aged 4 and 6. The facts are quite eye
opening, even I have learnt a thing or two, like the fact early scooters were
made by strapping roller skates to a wooden board! The content is all very interesting and varied, covering lots of
different animals or means of transport. 

way the pages are laid out is enticing to new or reluctant readers, the
pictures are appealing and you do get drawn in. The fact you can also search for Bob (a friendly looking spider)
on the pages of the book was another highlight for my pair and encouraged them
to keep turning the pages.

a first fact book for young children (aged 4-7) I think these are perfect. Ample illustrations keep children engrossed,
otherwise if it was all text they might have switched off and put the books
down. Thankfully these are pitched well
to the age group so they do want to flick through the pages and learn lots of
new things, some of which are quite humorous like ‘how many elephants can you
fit in a jumbo jet?’.

naturally seem fascinated by animals and transport, so both books have plenty
to offer and for £5.99 they make a wonderful little extra present for birthdays
or to encourage an interest in books anytime of the year. I really hope Simon Abbott keeps bringing
out more of these titles, I think children really soak up new information at this
age and as a parent I want to provide them with the best learning materials possible.

by Ticktock and available from the 3rd of March, these would make a
wonderful addition to your child’s book collection.

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