Too tired to dream

I rarely dream these days my body just collapses into a
grateful sleep when it finally gets the chance. But in the past I have had lots of different ones, a recurring
one of mine is being in my pyjama’s desperately late for a final exam in
university praying I will make it in time! 
You would think I would no longer relive it all in my dreams, seeing as
my university days are a good 14 years behind me!!!

According to the infographic below I guess I should be
grateful I am in my pyjamas, as it sounds more common to be naked showing
you’re unprepared for something! I did
revise for all my exams but did feel under pressure juggling coursework
deadlines, presentations and going back over past papers in preparation.

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When I was younger I was always dreaming of falling
(sometimes I would also fall out of bed!). 
The infographic says its feeling out of control. I wonder what I was getting panicky about
back then!

I have not dreamt I am flying for ages, which is a real
shame as it’s supposed to leave the dreamer feeling positive! I really could do with that right now
waiting on a long drawn out mortgage to go through can get you down after a

What do you dream about these days?

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