Transporting Two

I had my boys just shy of 21 months apart at the time it
was a bit of a struggle, two little ones in nappies, lots of sleepless nights,
dealing with teething and toddler tantrums in tandem. Getting out of the house was not any easier; hubbie let me invest
in a double pushchair, but measured the doorframe wrong! So I used a combination of a baby carrier, a
buggy board on a pushchair, my shoulders and basically whatever would placate
the pair of them.

all I wanted in that time was a decent double buggy one which would have made
it through the door and made my life that much easier! I wish now I had spent more time researching
my options (and possibly taking care of working out the measurements
myself!). Double pushchairs seem more affordable
these days as you can see on Argos. After I blew our budget on an unsuitable
one, I was not allowed another, but with more affordable options hubbie might
have indulged me to make up for his little error!

the thing about being parent you always wonder how you would have done things
differently, even when you are just trying your best, you keep wondering if you
could do it better. Despite the lack of
double pushchair my boys grew up fine, we found a way as you do. I know people with considerably more
children with even smaller age gaps who seem to juggle everything like true
professionals. To those individuals I
salute you!

part of me is tempted to have another, through every meltdown there are so many
magical moments, cuddles and kisses to cherish! Plus with two transporting themselves number three would be a
breeze; I would have two willing volunteers to help! Although they might argue over who gets to push the baby…
(Perhaps it’s a good thing hubbie will never agree to it!).

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