World Book Day – What My Children Will Be Reading

My eldest especially looks forward to doing some bedtime reading, he is working his way through the Reading Chest program at the rate of knots! So its good to think that by March the 6th (World Book Day) he might have gone up another book band and be reading even more fluently. He is very fond of the adventures of Biff and Chip and these books never fail to engage him. The characters are quite likeable and always off somewhere exciting with a glowing magic key in hand! He is also keen on the antics of the Project X gang as they are always getting into pickles when the characters shrink in size, dealing with giant bugs, hungry cats and so on.

I do wonder as he grows older what books I should be providing him with as the Reading Chest program finishes when he reaches 9. I read an interesting survey about the UK’s favourite book characters which might give me some idea. I was enthusiastic about the famous five series personally and would work my way through every book at remarkable speed; I want both my boys to find their own personal favourite and it to have the same effect on them. The survey of almost 700 parents seemed to indicate that Harry Potter was a firm favourite. My boys have watched two of the films with avid interest, so the books might spark a further love of reading. Reminding me of all those late nights with a torch sneakily reading under my duvet as I grew up!

Youngest is putting up more of a fight in terms of reading, he guesses a lot, when I think he has read a paragraph particularly well, I realise afterwards he has done it from memory rather than knowing what each individual word is. We are slowly working our way through the first couple of Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper books as it worked well with eldest.

But maybe he needs a different character to be encouraged on. I know when we do crack it he will whiz through the books like his brother, so for now we will persevere, I remember tricky moments with eldest and they are a distant memory now!

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