Zomlings Review

were sent a selection of these new figures. 
My two have enjoyed playing with them; I love how they come packaged in
little houses and tower blocks.

The accommodation means you can house them inside and go round visiting the other Zomlings. You can see how many you can squeeze into each home or only provide your favourite Zomlings with accommodation whilst the others camp under the stars! All things my boys were trying out…

the fun does not end there you can also make a game of the buildings. You can build up the tower and then use the
Zomlings to knock it down or try a spot of Zomlings bowling (in between the
houses) so lots of entertainment to be had with these guys.

think the people behind Zomlings have not only come up with a pretty good idea
for a collectible toy, they have gone that bit further and come up with
suggestions for children to make the most of them. This sits well with me, as I am pleased they are proving good
value for money for lots of playability.

Zomling is quite unique looking, squishy and colourful. The boys enjoyed looking through the little
booklet of characters and begging me to buy some more so they could swell their
collection! They are keen to get their
hands on the ultra rare (silver) and limited editions (gold) ones too.

they are very affordable, definitely pocket money prices (RRP individual pack
50p, tower packets £1 and houses £2), which is refreshing as often new toys are
pricey. I have no objection to buying
more every now and then, especially after seeing how much enjoyment they have
had from the ones we reviewed.

can learn more about them on the Zomlings
website and see stockists for these monster collectibles too.

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