Alpha and Omega 3

This is quite a brief film being only 43 minutes long and
having been released direct to film does not have quite the same build up and
hype of other releases out at the moment. 
My boys however quite enjoyed it and liked seeing the wolf pups
again. I was of mixed opinions; I think
the earlier films were better than this latest offering.

time the story is about the Great Wolf Games were the packs get together for
some “friendly” competition, although some of the wolves do not know the
meaning of playing fair!

new team is formed and the cubs have made friends with a little fast bear who
they want to recruit into their sports team. 
It ends up being a very mixed group with the bears porcupine friend too! The film covers topics like cheating and
being team players, so does have some lessons of value for children in there.

felt sorry for the wolf cub that was too scared to speak to her domineering
father. I do not think my boys have
that worry, if anything they are the leaders of our pack!!!

film your children will probably find amusing and enjoy but I like to think I
am getting value for money and 43 minutes seems a little on the short

is due to be released on the 14th of April.

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