Have your Cake and Eat it!

have a dodgy hip and the occasional bout of heartburn but touch wood I have
avoided irritable bowel syndrome so far. 
I would like to stay under the radar in that respect as long as possible
because frankly I love cake and bread too much to consider a restrictive diet
even if it did reduce the symptoms. I
mean what would I eat for lunch without having a sandwich! Food is something I really enjoy; I could
easily give up drinking if it came to it and do not smoke so for me I just look
forward to my meals. To have to modify
my diet would not make me a happy bunny at all.

Cake one of lives pleasures!!!

But I know people who do suffer from it and feel bloated
and uncomfortable and very carefully monitor their diet. It sounds like it can effect even more aspects
of your life than I had ever considered, the pain can be so severe you find it
difficult to carry on as normal in all aspects of your daily routine.

in the Daily Mail makes it sound very unpleasant indeed, but fortunately for
the lady involved she finally found relief with a prebiotic supplement. These supplements are supposed to help look
after the good bacteria that then aid digestion. I am always a little sceptical about supplements I want to have
them properly recommended, I like to hear how other people have got on with
them first before I tentatively venture as far as trying it myself. Fortunately there were lots of reviews (90 in total) to
read through on the Bimuno product, giving on balance a very positive opinion.

does sound like a magical pastille to
banish discomfort and aches associated with IBS really! Bimuno
seem to be making life easier for so many people, so at least I do know where
to head to if it ever became a concern. 
I am just pleased that the use of the product means you can still enjoy some
the foods you love and have a healthy feeling tummy!

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