LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Competition

Children love playing tea party games; they get out all
the toys and want them to join in the fun. 
When mine were little I had to make up small plates of raisins, biscuits
and crisps for them to share with their favourite cuddlies (any excuse for more
food for them to gobble up really!!!).

Well to save the mess of using real food (and water!) this
toy from LeapFrog is fabulous. The
teapot lights up and sings and the colourful cake means they have some “tasty”
play food to serve at the party.

The set is good value for Β£19.99 you get the sweet teapot,
two tea cups and the cake with different coloured icing and fruits on top cut
into six portions on a plate. It is
such a pretty set perfect for princess tea parties.

The Musical
Rainbow Tea Party is perfect for role-play but also very educational. The talking teapot teaches children about
colours, manners (my boys need a little refinement in this area!) and
counting. But it is all packaged in
such an appealing way they will never guess how much learning they are doing
whilst they play!

If you would like to win complete the rafflecopter
below for a chance to enjoy tea parties in style from now on. The competition will close on the 10th
of May.

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136 thoughts on “LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Competition

  1. our 3 year old grand-daughter likes to involve all the toys and any grown-ups who are about but if we're not careful she starts pouring her won drink from toy cup to toy kettle and then back again and usually ends up with a sticky mess

  2. When mine were younger they used to love including us in their tea parties and we had to pretend to eat so much cake and drink so many cups of tea. Looking forward to playing again now we have our grandchildren πŸ™‚

  3. My grandchildren fetch a little table out with small chairs and then lay it with a table cloth. Next comes what ever is handy to use as a tea set or dinner set. They then tuck into pretend food.

  4. hosting a tea party is my daughter's favourite game. Amazingly, baby jesus joined us today for one!
    (She took him from the nativity scene from the christmas box in the garage!)
    We have a little red and white checked picnic blanket we put down in her room and everyone has a biscuit each!

  5. With a proper little china tea set, which is lovely since I tend to make my tea by dunking a teabag in my mug!!

  6. It's like the Mad Hatters tea party when my 4 and 2 year old grandsons come to stay, pretend tea in Nana's old tea pot,real cake and a lot of mess!

  7. The children like to have tea parties with their toys, and human guests :- Whether it be their friends, or grown ups.

    Rachel Craig

  8. We love tea partiers, we all squeeze on the picnic blanket in the middle of the floor and have an afternoon tea style picnic. We once even had the postman joining in!

  9. My son has just started becoming obsessed with tea parties, he walks around the house and anything that could possibly be a cup becomes a teacup and he walks around so proud of himself saying "TTTEEEEAAAA"

  10. My son always has a make believe picnic when he says its one of his action figures birthdays. He insists on a single iced gem for their birthday cake.

  11. when my youngest daughter was little she loved tea sets and pretend food. She loved feeding her grandma who was in a wheelchair, pretend food. She also used to talk to her twin dolls and feed them etc

  12. My little Girl loves tea partys with her teddy bears or older brother (while hes glued to the tablet lol)
    She often has them outdoors in her play house or inside around her little table

  13. My little girl puts her teddies in a circle on the carpet. We lay a cloth down and lay out tea things, she likes things like mini marshmallows and little biscuits on their plates. I love to hide behind the door and listen in while she talks to her toys – great days!

  14. My boys are too old now for tea parties, but when they were younger we used to have little carpet picnics, however I can't wait for my little girl to get a little older so we can start having tea parties in the garden

  15. i have to empty my cupboards of all the plastic plates and cups and my pudding gets all his teddies out and he sits and feeds them. if some of the teddies fall over instead of getting frustred he says they have been drinking blue beer??? id love to know where he gets that from because we dont drink in our house ha!

  16. My little girl loves tea parties with her dollies in the garden. I make up squash in her teapot and she gives them all a drink and if they've been good dollies she lets them have a Jaffa cake πŸ™‚

  17. My two little girls love to play 'Tea Parties' πŸ™‚ We gather their favourite toys and we all take high tea together, the best times are when my husband joins in, and seeing him sat with our two little Princesses, usually still with his work overalls on, just melts my heart πŸ™‚ x

  18. My daughter loves hosting a pretend picnic for all her bears and bunnies – usually dad gets reluctantly dragged into the party too. Tend to end up using most of our own crockery and cutlery to accommodate the large number of guests. (She's not that keen on packing it all away again though!)

  19. My 2 and a half year old son has a fantastic imagination. He sits at the table and feeds imaginary Darth Vader and Yoda….but unfortunately they don't tend to use plates and would rather eat it off the table…preferably once it has been smeared in a bit!!!!

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