Micro Moshi Spaceship Review

boys were excited to be expanding their Micro Moshi kingdom by adding this
rather nifty little spaceship to their collection. They already have a few select pieces so another was positively
welcomed into the fold, especially when they realised it also came with an
exclusive Captain Squirk figure too.

Youngest enjoyed whizzing it around, making the most of
the spaceship shape and then cleverly you can pull it apart and have a hidden
ride (spinning space seats when you rotate the top) appear for your

three swings provide yet more entertainment for the Micro Moshi’s you currently
own as you can sit them on the seats or you can house plenty more within the
opening space pods or in the operating cabin itself.

considering the size of the toy there is actually a surprising amount to do and
be kept occupied with. Eldest had a
re-shuffle of the figures after youngest had done some photos and that meant he
was busy for a while again.

is a useful toy to store your Micro Moshi’s, with them being so small they do
have a tendency to get lost easily, but you can slot them all over this toy
including the base of the swing ride (eldest noticed this I had missed it

only £7.50 to buy from Amazon, so at that price its great to stash away for
birthdays for your Moshi fans.

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