Millionaire Genie Review

was offered a chance to review the Millionaire
Genie game from 888 ladies. I was
tempted to do so because I always live the dream, I thought you never know what
the £5 review spend would yield! Just
imagine if the Genie had looked on me favourably and granted me all my wishes…

I like the music and the intro made it feel exciting; I
would gladly rub a lamp if it would bring me some extra luck and wishes. When you start playing you can adjust the
bet amount and take it as low as 15p a go, which was a good to drag out my £5
budget, I wanted to play as long as possible before it run out. A huge jackpot is randomly rewarded so I was
holding out for a piece of that action!

you have a win you see lines appearing showing you where your win comes from
(which of the symbols). I had a
multiple line wins comprising 6 lines and was awarded with a princely 15p, but
then again I was playing in the small league with teeny bets if I had adjusted
it and gone in higher I might have seen a better return. I however like to play it safe. The Genie can grant free spins when you see
3 x scatter symbols although he stayed elusive for me and I did not get that

is also a bonus game that I would have loved to have explored but I did not get
lucky in that respect either (you need 3 x bonus symbols). It would have been nice to have been more
fortunate just so I could have reviewed the game more thoroughly for you guys!

my £5 review balance was depleted pretty quickly despite a couple of low value
wins. It was fun to give it a try, but
the Genie did not make my wishes come true this time unfortunately. So I am off to sulk! But with these types of games there will
always be winners and losers and the novelty soon wears off when your bet pot

can vote for your preferred game over at Which awards so if you like the sound of Millionaire Genie you could choose that
or whatever your own personal favourite is.

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