My hubbie, my hero!

My hubbie was my loyal companion throughout my pregnancies and is a wonderful dad to the boys.

He was there to help when I needed to put my feet up. Mainly he would rush around tidying the house so I could lie in bed a little longer on weekend mornings. Obviously it was easier the first time round as we did not have a toddler to take care of at the same time, so for the first pregnancy I really was a princess nothing was too much trouble for hubbie. It was a glorious time really being the centre of attention!!!

He would cook the dinners when certain smells made me feel nauseous and dash off to the shops whatever the time of day (or night) to pick up something to satisfy my cravings! He would run me relaxing baths and come with me to all my doctor appointments.

I had quite a traumatic first birth with lots of stitches so I relied heavily on hubbie to look after our adorable newborn whilst I recovered! Life with a new baby is quite an adjustment; it’s a huge learning curve so having someone you can rely on is vitally important. Someone to share your worries, rejoice in the good times and just help with what seems like the overwhelming responsibility of raising a child.

Friends and family are invaluable when you are pregnant and throughout parenthood. Later when you’re desperate for a shower but have a clingy screaming baby, a kind person offering to take your child out in the pram for 30 minutes is a real blessing and you are eternally thankful!

My own parents live in the area too so I can call on them to help if needed. For some new mums they might not be so lucky, fortunately C&G Baby Club have come up with a solution with their community friend finder. I think this is an excellent resource its one way to start meeting up with other parents and helping each other through the joyous and gruelling first few years!

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