National Geographic Kids Review

was off school as he had been unwell so it was excellent timing having the
first magazine from our National Geographic Kids subscription arrive from
Unique Magazines. It’s always hard
keeping them entertained when they cannot be at school and you cannot really
take them outside! There is only so
much time you can let them veg in front of the TV without feeling guilty and
eldest has not napped in the day for years now.

So this was a great magazine with plenty to engage and
educate him within the pages. He was
keen to enter all the competitions; there were some lovely exclusive
competitions just for subscribers. So
answering questions and completing quizzes took his mind of feeling ill and
kept him happily occupied.

He liked it that lots of things he is interested featured
across the magazine too, including his beloved Skylanders. The magazine had plenty of suggestions of
books to read and toys to look out for. 
But the promotional side of it is balanced well, its not just a series
of adverts, there is plenty of considered articles here and new information for
eldest to digest.

is amazing how much we have both learnt flicking through the pages. I am feeling quite enlightened and glad he
has plenty more months worth of magazines to come. Maybe I will not do so miserably at the next pub quiz…

bought my subscription direct from Unique
Magazines, 12 issues cost me £35 but given that its 27% cheaper than buying
it direct from your newsagent its worth having it delivered to your home! Our magazine arrived at the beginning of the
month but you can save it until it’s a rainy day or a sick day so you know you
have entertainment to hand when you really need it!

only thing is I better treat youngest to something now. He is grumbling his brother had a treat and
he did not. With 3000+ titles I am sure
we will find something appropriate for him.

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