Our Spring LEGO Adventures

was another bumper box of LEGO we were sent to review. We so look forward to these deliveries as a
family because you never know what new product range you might discover.

Eldest got stuck straight into building the LEGO CITY
Police Station (RRP £79.99); he kept at it for ages, literally doing a packet
in a session until he eventually got through all of them. It was ideal entertainment for him, he is
six and capable of following the instructions all by himself. As the set is pitched for children six to
twelve I am quite impressed he can manage it on his own.

The only thing is as he does all the
building; he wants to do all the playing too and wants to claim complete
ownership of his project! So when
youngest comes near he is shooed away! 
But I do understand his fear as youngest bless him is more heavy handed
and suddenly the windowpanes have fallen out or the helicopter has

The set has so much scope for exploits when built. It comes with a generous selection
of vehicles, figures and accessories so your imagination can run wild with
possibilities. You can take the role of
the robbers; police or even the police dog, being a sizeable police
station a few friends could play together quite easily.

turns seven in June and he has been earmarking other LEGO CITY sets he wants
ready! I seriously cannot wait as when
he is in the LEGO building zone he does not badger for screen time or sweets he
just builds and builds and builds! I
have never seen him so focused or determined. 
I think the big sets do not seem so expensive when you consider how long
children are kept occupied.

The LEGO Movie Melting Room was another popular set for the boys, they could not get enough of the film so its only natural they would be keen to get their hands on these sets to carry on the storyline off screen. They were only to pleased to help rescue Emmet from the bad cop, luckily Wildfire sprang into action and valiantly saved the day!

Finally we had more of the Hero Factory range, I have nothing but praise for these. They make great action figures once built. The new additions make the battles more engaging and challenging, you can even combine certain products to make bigger beasts to try and take down before the poor residents of the city become snacks for the underground queen!

You can see more information on these ranges and many more on the LEGO website.

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