Pabobo Dream Theater Competition

You never value sleep as much as when you become a
parent. It’s something you do not
appreciate fully until you stop getting a generous quantity of it! So if there is anything however small you
can do to coax your little ones off to sleep it should be embraced!!!

We have tried pretty much everything over the course of
the last few years. Usually wearing
them out is a good one, so they have less fight in them come bedtime! But even then they sometimes grumble they do
not like the dark. I want them to love
going to bed, to feel content and happy.

That’s why I am such a fan of Pabobo and their delightful
night-lights and sleep lullabies products. 
They have a wonderful range of innovative items that are designed to be practical
but appealing for children too. Making
our job of getting our children off to sleep that much easier.

Pabobo have kindly offered me a Dream
Theater (RRP £60) to giveaway, these offer music and animated pictures before
bedtime, to coax your baby off to the land of nod. The gentle lullaby cleverly turns itself off after 45 minutes so
you can hopefully crack on with a couple of chores then come back and find your
little one dreaming away peacefully! Then if they wake their cries automatically
reactivate the Dream Theater and lull them back to sleep. I like this as it can help teach them to self soothe rather than rely on the parents for constant comfort.

If you would like to enter then please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 3rd of May.

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159 thoughts on “Pabobo Dream Theater Competition

  1. This looks truly wonderful…..I have an 8 week old who's a fab sleeper (so far) but my 13month old has become such a little monster when it comes to bedtime, I'm thinking this could be the answer to my prayers!!!

  2. great giveaway. I'd love this for my little boy, we've just moved him into his own room so anything to help him self soothe would be wonderful, he still likes mummy & daddy cuddles to fall asleep x

  3. My little girl would love this, she has trouble getting to sleep, I'm sure this would help to soothe.

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