Planet Afryca Tales of the Full Moon

We were sent a lovely book and DVD for the boys to have a
look at. They are keen nature fans and
enjoyed the stories covered. It is one
engaging way to learn more about African wildlife in particular.

If you visit the Planet Afryca website you can see a range
of educational apps, ebooks and audio books to conveniently download. They are relatively inexpensive and a useful
way to broaden your children’s knowledge base and awareness of the world around

Afryca was formed by Sue Hart, a wildlife vet, so someone who definitely knows
more than most about animals and her dear friend Rowena Paxton. Together they aimed to share stories of the
African animals to children to enrich their lives and entertain them.

The book Tales of the
Full Moon (£11.21) by Sue Hart was very descriptive, the sounds the animals
make, the characteristics they have and the behaviour they display are all covered
in a story format to fascinate to the reader. 
Children will learn new words and new insights into wild animals as they
listen avidly to the stories of Spinosa the storytelling spider.

The book is mainly text
but when you stumble on one of the pictures it’s a rare treat, as the
illustrations are beautifully done.

is well worth a visit to the site as there are a few free downloads on there,
which give you a taster of the stories, the characters and the concept. I have a feeling once you have discovered
Planet Afryca you might be tempted to add a few more apps to your tablet.

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