Plans for Adventure

I am feeling the need to cherish every moment with my boys,
taking them on outdoor adventures, listening to their endless questions (and
trying to find answers for a change!) and really treasuring the precious time
we have together. I am so excited
Easter is nearly here, so we have more quality time as a family. I am really missing them when they are both
at full time school. My days seem so
empty, in comparison to the noise and hustle and bustle when they were both at
home with me…

It’s a long day to fill till 3pm and the novelty of cleaning
and washing wears thin quite quickly! 
In the days of the crazy chaos of two boys under two I would never have
thought I would have said that. But now
there is a huge gap where they are off out in the big world.

I want to do more exploring with them, finding bugs, looking
for hidden treasures, trying the geocaching
I hear my friends do with their children. 
Yes I have done a fair bit with my boys over the years; they have seen
endless attractions of course. I think
we just need more time outside, hopefully with the weather improving it will
become more of a possibility, but even when its dreadful and raining fresh air
is always wonderful! Well it is if you
have dressed appropriately, so I will make sure I get some new wellies for

The range at Muddy
Puddles is great, I need the Puddleflex wellies as my two splash and splash
hard, right into their boots! So with
the laces tied firmly no more water will be soaking their little feet and
making them cold and miserable when they should be enjoying the adventure! Hopefully if we swapped to those wellies they might keep all the sand out too!

I think we might try another scavenger
and perhaps an outdoor Easter Egg trail, we usually do them indoors
but a bit more exercise might be a good idea before they get their hands on all
the chocolate.

One thought on “Plans for Adventure

  1. I have literally created my first blog today and in the madness of trying to figure out what I am doing, I stumbled across your blog and I love it. I miss my son so much when he is at school and I am thoroughly enjoying some precious time with him now it is the holidays. We are off to the woods over the weekend and I can't wait for a nice long walk in the fresh air.
    x Maria x

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