Ringo Flamingo Review

and I had a try of this game and we were both impressed, it was lots of fun to
play. It was simple enough to set up,
eldest enjoyed getting the flamingos and crocodiles into place ready. The game pieces were of a decent quality so
I know this game will survive us returning to it frequently!

Round 1 we were a little off mark, the life buoys to save
the flamingos were flying across the room nowhere near the actual poor
creatures we were meant to help save!!! 
By round 2 and 3 we had gained a little more skill and were actually on
target a couple of times – although when I say on target we were mainly glad
just to be landing on the board!

we finally got our first flamingo we were absolutely delighted!

Next time we will play with youngest and
hubbie too so that we have the advantage of having had a practice already! But I can imagine with four players at the
same time it gets a little crazy, as all the life buoys are being launched at
the same time, getting in the way of others and knocking them off into
different directions.

kept saying how much he liked the game. 
It definitely is a good one to have, because it’s easy to explain and
get playing, but still offers enough challenge to be engaging and maintain the
interest of children 5+. At that age
they can be easily distracted and lack the concentration for a game with lots
of rules, this being all about action will appeal to that age!

can find out more information from the Ravensburger website.

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