Saving energy with Eco Button

My laptop is on a fair bit; even in between activities with the boys (or some very reluctant housework) I tend to leave it on as before now I have missed many a lovely PR opportunity from being too slow with hitting reply!

So every now and then I like to come back and have a refresh of my emails and respond to anything outstanding that looks vaguely interesting before returning to whatever I was in the middle of. I do worry having my laptop on so long might be quite energy consuming, especially as we are on a tight budget. I want to make savings wherever possible and stretch our household funds as far as I can.

I had not heard of the Eco Button before being offered one to review, they seem a clever little gadget. Inexpensive to buy but extremely useful to own, sometimes you hear about new energy saving gadgets and you never really take to them, they seem overcomplicated or just impractical. But this is one that I am quite happy to use ALL of the time, it suits my lifestyle perfectly, I will no longer feel so guilty leaving my laptop running. I should get one for my mother in law she leaves her computer on 24/7 (tut tut!).

It is very simple to use, you just download the software from the website and then plug the Eco Button into your USB port. When you decide it’s time for a break from the computer you just press the Eco Button and relish in the instant saving in your electricity bills (your computer goes into a super efficient stand-by mode). You can even see how much you’re saving on your computer screen. I think they would make great little stocking fillers for anyone conscious of the impact they have on the environment and those interested in being more frugal of course.

SSE is keen to support any means to save energy and reduce ecological footprints and the Eco Button does just that (saving 135 kilos of carbon dioxide per year).

To continue with the celebration of Earth Day (which was on Tuesday) they are giving away Eco Buttons so more people can benefit from seeing their energy go further and helping the environment at the same time. If you would like to enter head to the SSE facebook page.

SSE sponsored this post, but all thoughts are my own.

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