Trips with little ones

are always off on adventures as a family; we have a section of attraction
on my blog that is growing swiftly. But when the boys were younger trips were that little bit more
difficult, I found it more of a military operation getting everything packed
and ready.


the boys required a sling or a pushchair; I always had an oversized changing
bag at the ready (with all the essentials and a few sanity savers for me!) and
some toys for good measure. We had this baby carrier and it was very useful so I had my hands free!



I keep the boys entertained with games of eye spy or guess the
animal/vegetable, other times they just listen to chart music, which they quite
enjoy on our long car journeys.


the practical aspects have got considerably easier the squabbling has not…
least when I had a baby and a toddler, the wrestling was more one sided! Now it’s pretty intense. I always encourage youngest to have a nap
just so we get a little peace and quiet.



it can help with exceptionally long journeys to plan a fun stop in between to
break it up, if you pass a park, an interesting landmark or a national trust
property for example! Anything to
explore and burn off some energy before bundling them back into the car…


seem to have a problem with travel sickness too but have found keeping the boys
to a simple breakfast with no dairy products really helps. With a little toast and a teeny bit of water
to wash it down, they travel much better.
Usually they enjoy milk, cereal and yoghurt for breakfast so we were
hardly helping the situation!


always travel with lots of baby wipes, a container (ideally have one for each
child, as you never know when sickness may reappear even if a child has not
been poorly for years as we found out!) and a change of clothes.

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