A family trip to the Edinburgh zoo

Edinburgh is a great city to visit in itself, but one of its greatest attractions is the Edinburgh zoo. It is the perfect place to take your kids to see some fantastic creatures from the animal kingdom. It is truly one of the best zoos in the world, and is known for its great sustainability and conservation initiatives. If you don’t live near Edinburgh, you can make a weekend trip and dedicate a part of it to other attractions. But don’t be afraid, it doesn’t have to be a pricey thing. Pages that offer online booking such as venere.com will permit you to find the most suitable and affordable accommodation option in Edinburgh for your family.

The zoo is world renowned for its rich history and boasting the best penguin exhibits in the world. The first king penguins arrived in 1913 and were the first penguins to be seen outside of South America. Today, the Penguins Rock, has wonderful King, Rockhopper and Gentsoo colonies on display. It is a wonderful spot to watch penguins swim and slide down rocks into the pool.

Edinburgh Zoo by Nigel Swales (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The zoo is also home to some amazing Giant Pandas leased to them for ten years by the Chinese government. It is also the only place in the United Kingdom where you can show your kids these rare and fascinating creatures. They also are the only ones in the UK who house koalas, making it a unique experience for the whole family.

This incredible establishment also has a new exotic birds and amphibians exhibit, shows which display animals natural skills, and other various creatures. The exotic bird sanctuary has many rare and beautifully coloured birds from all over the world. This is one of the most recent contributions to the zoo, since it just opened in 2011, and is an amazing interactive treat for the whole family. What makes it really stand out for the kids, is the Budongo Trail which houses a troop of chimpanzees. This facility holds frequent talks and shows about the social structure of our common ancestors as well as kid-friendly displays of the animals interacting in their natural habitat.

So don’t wait, get to the Edinburgh zoo soon and see it all for yourself!

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