A good way to socialise online whilst having fun

Image by Thomas Leuthard

If you’re a Mum and you’re stuck in the house a lot of the time, socialising online can often be a bit of an escape route from the humdrum business of life – and the daily routine. It’s also good to meet new people in a different environment – but also in a very safe way, of course.

Perhaps the best way to get started in this is to decide where your real interests are. This isn’t to be confused with what you actually do with your life. We may all be really good at multi-tasking – taking junior to the supermarket, cooking three meals a day, doing the washing, changing nappies and still finding the time to clean two bathrooms just before we go to bed right? But that isn’t what we love doing – presumably!

So socialising online should be about something for which you have a real enthusiasm. In this way, the people you end up talking to and sharing views with will tend to be similar, like-minded people. That doesn’t mean you’ll agree with them all the time, by any means, but it does mean you have a common shared interest and zest for whatever it is. But what is “it”?

Well obviously that’s for each of us to decide for ourselves but think along hobby lines; what do you love doing with your spare time, or maybe sport – is there a particular sport you love – or perhaps professional; what did you do before you became a full-time Mum, and what would you like to do with your life in the future?

On the other hand, if this is all a bit too heavy for you after a hard day at the coalface, then a good way to socialise online whilst having fun is to do something that doesn’t demand a lot of effort and concentration.

This could be anything from simple chat rooms to games. Playing games is a surprisingly fun way to spend an hour or two. If you’ve never tried it before, you quickly get to realise what the women of yesteryear used to get so excited about – turning up in their millions to old-fashioned halls in the post-war period. You may not even have to pay for the privilege either. There are plenty free games if you look for them, with sites really putting the extra effort in to provide free games and chat forums in a friendly environment.

In fact, Costa offers an amazing £150k every month in free bonuses – so with any luck, you could be off to a real Costa on the proceeds and there should be nothing to lose in any case. The main thing to remember about any online socialisation, though, is to stay safe at all times – never sharing personal details or agreeing to meet up unless it’s 100% safe and you’re sure of that fact.

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