Back on a bike

I was delighted to be sent a mountain bike to review. But returning to the saddle was harder than
I thought it would be. I was as wobbly
as my eldest had been when he got rid of his stabilisers a while ago! I was surprised I did not crash into a wall
or fall off. Eldest was feeling quite
smug, as he was the one giving me tips this time and I must admit it gave me a
deeper sense of admiration that he can do it so well himself now.

The mountain
bike was easy to build; hubbie just followed the clear assembly
instructions. The fact that it is
already 85% built is a huge plus, so you get to skip the lion’s share of the
build project! Meaning less stress all

It is a lovely bike and I am glad
I have another reason to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine whilst doing a
spot of exercise. The only problem is
hubbie has become quite taken with my bike and I think he fancies it for
himself. He was a little less wobbly so
thinks he is more of a natural cyclist compared to me so it should rightfully
be his…

Eldest is pleased to see daddy on
a bike and the pair of them were racing around quite happily. The bike seems incredibly good value for
£89.00. It looks modern, is relatively
sturdy and has everything you would except from a bike costing much more. I think they mixed up my order though
looking on the website as I had the men’s bike (another reason hubbie thinks he
can pinch it off me!) rather than the white and mint ladies version. As much as I love the black colour I do
think I would be better suited to riding a 17″ frame, although perhaps if I
swapped my sandals for trainers I would find it easier to manage.

There are some great value outside toys
from Asda Direct and I for one will be back to order some more bits and pieces
to entertain the children this summer! 
Then they might leave me in peace to work on my bike skills.

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