Covered in Dust

the house is such a big project it’s keeping us all busy! The boys have even been “helping”, hubbie
let them have a go of the hammer and they managed to put a nail through a water
pipe… (hoping hubbie keeps the tools closer to him from now on!).

nearly got electrocuted as hubbie forgot there was an exposed plug in the area
I was sweeping and cleaning! Thankfully
he realized just before I reached that bit.

My parents have been so helpful, my mum making up meals
for us and my dad getting involved in the DIY side of things, hubbie is working
hard most evenings and I am doing my bit too! 
I have been trying to keep our house as clean as I can; given its
covered in so much dust it’s a losing battle.
My lovely red converse shoes are looking a little white!

Note to self wear appropriate footwear next
time so I do not ruin my favourite trainers.

hard getting things ready for the move as the boys are very eager to help with
everything. But we have made a few
games along the way to keep them occupied whilst we try and lovingly restore the
house. It’s amazing how much fun can be
had with curtain rail hoops!

are seeing a little bit of progress amongst all the plaster dust, horsehair
(its gross what they used to stuff old walls with!) and rubble. Things are taking shape. We made a snagging list last night and that
helped us regain some focus. It’s crazy
how much we are learning about different things, damp proofing, woodworm and
how amazing it is to have friends and family that rally round to help (with a
little beer and wine motivation!).

So apologies if I go a little quiet.

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