Electronic Don’t Laugh Review and Competition

My two boys enjoyed this game from Drumond Park (RRP
£19.99), it is aimed at children 8+ but being 6 and 5 did not hold them back
in the slightest.

Quite the reverse
eldest very much likes telling jokes so he was keen to learn some new
ones. It is good to see him reading
through the joke cards to increase his vocabulary and he enjoys having some
extra ones he can share with his friends.

could not quite manage the joke cards, but he had lots of fun with the prop
mic, pressing all the buttons and doing his own funny faces to the sounds. Both boys laughed over the noses coming from
it. Farts, burps and silly sayings. Being young boys everything is about poo at
the moment, so hearing “smelly plop plop” and “stinky poo-poo” had them
creasing up in laughter.

you go around the board you have a chance to say your own joke, one you make up
yourself or know already. It was
interesting hearing what my 5 year old would come up with… but my eldest at 6
(almost 7) knew a couple of his own already.

boys liked the toilet humour element of the game and trying to keep a straight
face so as not to give away any free moves to anyone. If your joke/comic attempt makes the other players laugh or even
smile then you earn a move forward per player.

I found it tricky because even when they really weren’t particularly funny I had to laugh
because they were trying so hard; I did not want to hurt their feelings, they
looked so sad if no one giggled on their turn! Although no one felt bad if I stayed put!

For stockists visit http://www.drumondpark.com but also whilst I have your attention you can fill out the rafflecopter below
to enter a competition to win your own copy. 
The competition will close on the 28th of May.
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116 thoughts on “Electronic Don’t Laugh Review and Competition

  1. my 6 year old cracks me up everytime with – what do you call a magic wand that does't do magic??? a stick (maybe it's his facial expressions as he tells it, but I double over laughing every time)

  2. I went to the doctors and told him I thought I was a pair of curtains he told me to pull myself together

  3. Mine is this one, because my daughter used to tell it to everyone at nursery.

    Q: Why did the banana go to the doctor?
    A: Because it wasn’t peeling well

  4. I was at the cash machine yesterday when a little old lady asked if I could check her balance, so I pushed her over.

  5. bit out of date in the digital age but
    What did Cinderella say when her photos did not show up?
    Someday my prints will come!

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