Hans Sloane Drinking Chocolate Review

I was sent two packets of Hans Sloane drinking chocolate
for hubbie to road test, I gave one to my neighbour who loves hot chocolate and
is always kindly taking in packages for us. 
He reported back saying it was a very enjoyable drink.

was left with the honey variant to try; he quite liked it but preferred it made
with milk rather than just water. He is
a huge fan of hot chocolate but not necessarily honey normally, but the
combination still worked okay for him. 
Although I do think he would have enjoyed the milk chocolate variety
more, so I might have to buy a packet so he can experience that next time. But he did not grumble when I mentioned I
shared with next door.

love how the drinking chocolate is presented it looks very luxurious but still
affordable at £4.99. The unique format
is quite novel too with pure chocolate beads, it is an interesting change from
powder, more fancy some how and melts easily. It makes a lovely gift for those who enjoy an indulgent drink.

Sloane have provided hubbie with a welcome comforting drink after all the hard
work he is doing in the new house. Hot
chocolate is very soothing for him, it seems to relax him and improve his
mood! So I am all for him drinking Hans
Sloane from now on. But having had a
nose at their website, I will insist I get a box or two of the salted caramels
for every drinking chocolate he has!!!

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