Moshi Monsters Series 10 12 days till launch

we have a curious looking Moshi called Marsha; you’re very lucky if you find
this character, as it is ultra rare. My
boys are enjoying having new Moshi friends but we have been so busy with the new
house (every evening I am striping wall paper!) I have neglected taking any
decent pictures. Hopefully things will
calm down and you can see the boys with their figures soon.

I might have to put Marsha into isolation as supposedly they are contaminated with
radioactive gloop!!! But she seems so
friendly it would be hard even debating breaking up the series 10 group of
Moshi’s. Perhaps I will have to get the
boys wearing special protective suits and gloves when handling her just
incase! I think her big buggy-eyes are
quite endearing really, well they are if your not a gutterfly (their food of

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