Moshi Monsters Series 10 8 days till launch

Today I can introduce Otto;
this cute Moshi likes to stay wrapped up warm which is no surprise given they
explore the coldest parts of Moshi world. 
Where everything is frosty and freezing, not a place for fingerless
gloves when your holding onto a spear for a long time trying to catch fish!

Otto likes hot water bottles
and they have my respect there, as I am quite a fan of them myself. Nothing quite like getting toasty in bed
with a water bottle for company. I should
imagine when you’re walking those icy wastelands its even more essential.

So for Otto’s comfort we
have placed her near our hot water bottle so she can warm off before setting
off on another icy adventure.

think we are half way through these announcements now, so that competition is
getting closer!!!

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