Moshi Monsters Series 10 Countdown

can’t quite believe it but it’s that time again for my blog to do another Moshi
Monsters series countdown. At the end I
have the ultimate enticement a chance to win a complete series 10 collection! My boys are thrilled they have another
collection at home to meet all their other Moshi’s. You are in for a real treat with this latest collection, which is
officially released on the 23rd of May. The characters look cuter and quirkier than ever before. But I will only be revealing them one at a time, so you will have to come back tomorrow for another fix. Although you can see an outline teaser below!!!

news of the impending launch was not enough excitement for you guys Moshi
Monsters have also teamed up with Sealife this time with an extra special on
pack promotion so children can go for free (with an adult ticket purchase). Additionally keep an eye on the Moshi website for an exclusive
competition using your special pack codes. 
Moshi Monsters really do know how to spoil their fans.

I have Number 16 in the countdown Lubber The Whimsical Whale, what a sweet
looking fella with wide eyes and a big grin. He is quite identifiable for children as he is wearing armbands to give him a little helping hand in the water. He might be a whale but he has still not quite mastered the water he was born to.

Lubber is adamant he wants to join the Moshi navy and sail the sea’s wearing his fetching hat and covering himself in temporary tattoo’s.

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