Not sure the end is in sight but plodding on

Now that parts of our building project are coming together we need to think about the other side of it making the rooms beautiful again after the chaos. At the moment it’s hard to imagine settling down to sleep when you have bare floorboards, walls needing to be plastered and painted and new windows desperately in need of being fitted.

We have been writing a (long) list to make sure we keep on schedule, moving in date is edging ever closer. We have so little time to prepare ourselves, so whilst hubbie is co-ordinating the structural engineer, the builder and the other “voluntary” workmen (mainly our one friend who is a dab hand at destroying walls and taking out bathrooms and my dad who keeps popping up every day to help bless him!). I shall think of the finer points, the dressing of the rooms, especially as I am not strong enough for the labouring parts required at the moment (think Olive Oyl and you can imagine me at work!).

I have picked out the beds I now want except they are very pricey; they have a facebook page and look absolutely beautiful from the pictures fans have posted. But hubbie has said “NO” quite firmly, so I will have to keep the current beds and dress them instead. I wish I had an eye for interiors like other bloggers who have very beautiful rooms. I am quite envious where they get their inspiration. So I have been putting on my thinking cap and looking for ideas.

They have some lovely kids bedding at Lulu&Nat. If I purchased some of these, took some arty pictures, I am sure the boys bedroom would look just as fabulous. With gorgeous bedding, bunting and cushions to complete the look it’s hard to get it wrong surely?

I really cannot wait to start seeing light at the end of the tunnel, all the hard work paying off and a beautiful house appearing out of the dust! I feel an urge to make a moodboard… (I am off to nose around housetohome for tips!)

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