On the verge of exhaustion

am absolutely tuckered out, every evening we are going to bed later and later
trying to get our house ready for our scheduled move at the weekend! Last night we were trying to master fitting
laminate flooring, who ever said its like doing a jigsaw must have had a
natural flair as we spent over two hours and had only managed to get three
boards done!!! This picture pretty much
shows our sum “achievement” for the evening… I officially hate DIY now.

So when I do finally get home my bed is calling out to me. I need rest desperately; the boys are up
early and ready to go anytime from 6am. 
The 7-9 recommended hours of blissful slumber has not happened for me in
months! So the few hours I do manage to
get need to be restful as I feel I am on my last legs. With half term to survive too, we are busier
than usual with extra activities and entertainment to keep my two boys occupied! I cannot sneak off for a tempting midday nap; I need to drag myself reluctantly through the day.

really liked reading these sleeping facts from the FADS infographic here;
according to Thomas Edison sleep is a waste of time! Well I wonder if he had young children to face the next day! I for one adore sleeping; I just do not get
anywhere near enough. Also hands up I
am guilty of snacking on chocolate/biscuits and cakes early on in the day if I
have had little sleep the night before. 
I think they will give me the energy fix I need, but its always short-lived,
nothing compares to a decent sleep. 
Supposedly Margaret Thatcher got by on 4 hours sleep a night, now that’s

to bed early is only half the battle a comfortable mattress is important
too! I did not realise you should
ideally change them every 8 years. I
tend to try and get everything to last until it completely deteriorates but is
it worth it if it’s compromising my healthy sleep and turning me grumpy!

have a really lovely competition running at the moment for a rather fabulous
children’s bed you can see more details on their blog. Perhaps if my boys had a bed that looked
that comfy they might stay in it longer and I could get more sleep in the morning,
here’s hoping! I think I always go into
my deep sleep when they start waking typically.

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