Proud of my little swimmer

Eldest has finally moved up a class in swimming so instead
of spending his lessons playing with the watering cans and floating toys he has
to instead swim the width of the pool on his front and back again and
again! Seeing as he has so much
confidence in the water its great to think he can finally progress with the
trickier parts now. When he first
started going to swimming class he was frightened to put his head underwater or
jump into the pool, but he has completely got over that fear.

I think its important encouraging children to learn to
swim; it’s a life skill after all and worryingly lots of children do have
accidents around water. Sadly drowning is the third most popular reason for accidental death in children according to this article, so I will keep badgering my boys to just keep swimming.

As much as
he chops and changes between some of the other after school clubs (like football and boxing) swimming is
one activity I insist he continues with! 
I am so proud he has gone up to the next level and now we will see him
making lots of progress. If anything at
least it separates him from his brother, the pair of them had only managed to
master underwater wrestling when they were in the same group!!! Progress was at a standstill because they preferred
to mess about splashing each other and fighting.

essential when you first take your child swimming you have all the right
equipment, we always used armbands for our boys but I quite like the float
suits from
too. I think they seem quite
clever really because you do not have to worry about the armbands getting in
the way of them perfecting your stroke then. 
I also bought lots of diving toys for when I took them swimming myself,
then I had something to keep them occupied in the water but also a means to
motivate them to dive under and be a little braver in the pool!

Eldest was pleased because his achievement meant he could pick out a new
Skylanders character for his collection (he is looking forward to Skylanders Trap Team) so as much as he misses the toys from
his earlier class he is happy and I am over the moon. Maybe I can relax as much as my hubbie on the next trip to the beach if I know the boys are safer near water.

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