Reading Eggs Competition

The eldest is having his first proper test at school
ready! I have nervous butterflies for
him. I know they say you should not
really prepare your child at this age; he is still only six (seven soon
enough!) but I would like to give a little helping hand if I can.

used Reading Eggs to give him a head start with his English reading; it really
helped as he is flying through the books the school give for the weekly
homework. Living in Wales the focus
tends to be on learning Welsh so it’s good to know that he can sill cope
adequately in English too. If he wants
to read a sign, follow a written instruction or enjoy a comic he can do so
without trouble.

children to read can take a lot of patience, as you try and coax them to
attempt a few words in the beginning. I
love Reading Eggs because it does take a lot of the stress out of helping your
children. The online activities are
colourful, entertaining and educational. 
They see it as a fun session rather than more “school” time. Youngest is at that tricky stage where it’s
hard to keep his concentration but even he is willing to attempt a whole level
in one sitting. Mainly so he gets more
coins to spend customising his character but whatever it takes to motivate him
to learn or I let him head to the playroom.

I have a code UKRMS you can use that gives you an additional two weeks trial, so worth a try to see how your child gets on but I also am offering one lucky winner a year’s subscription to Reading Eggs. If you would like to win for your child and see a real difference
in their reading ability then please complete the rafflecopter below by the 30th
of May.

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