Relying on your dog

I love our dog; she always gives you the most wonderful
welcome. Whatever your day has been
like you can rely on her for a loving greeting, she darts over tail wagging so
hard she looks like she could almost take off into the air!!!

Dogs have been human’s best friends
forever. Our loyal companions that make
returning home a joy! The boys do not
look as enthusiastic as the dog when I pick them up from school; they are too
busy asking who can come over for a playdate? Did I bring something for them to
eat? Can they have this, that or something else?!? Then I get passed all their
coats, bags and artwork to be lumbered down with before they dash off excitedly
to talk to a friend…

I guess this is why dogs are used to help in so many different
ways. They are reliable and
steadfast. Loyally waiting by my side
(well unless she sees a cat, then I can forget it!). I did not realise quite how many jobs dogs now did, I knew about
the amazing work guidedogs do of course, but there are so many other roles. This poster gives more insight into just some of the caring positions dogs can find themselves trained for.

image by Bolt Burdon Kemp

I have always appreciated my dog, but I think I will look at
her in a new light now, I wonder what job she would have chosen given half the
chance (one that pays in sausages no doubt!). She has the safety jacket on ready, this is from her younger days, she is closer to retirement now.

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