Scheduling in a holiday

We had to sadly decline our review trip with tots100 to Bluestone because it’s the moving in week (or the planned one anyway, we are determined the work will be done in time, we do not have much choice really we will have no where to live if we don’t!).

So this year I feel I am a holiday down and a little disgruntled. Hubbie will only let me add another if I shop around and find something cheap and cheery for later in the year. When we have survived the renovations and the actual move, settled the kids and adjusted to our new home, we might be ready for a restorative change of scenery!

Still, believe it or not I have never been camping, I keep saying we will do it someday but it never quite happens. I have mixed opinions on it but I do feel it’s a rite of passage, something you have to do at least once in your life (along with toasting the obligatory marshmallows and singing round the campfire!). So with the budget restrictions imposed by hubbie camping might be the only holiday escape he allows me. It can be cheap as chips if you research it properly and most sites have adequate free entertainment too (parks, swimming pool and local walks).

Holidays though with children are not always relaxing, you have to keep your wits about you and come up with idea’s to entertain them for long days, where bedtime seem more lax and the kids seem more feral! So I am pleased I have stumbled on this website it might make my job easier choosing the ideal camping holiday for us. Hubbie leaves me to organise things like this (just giving me a figure I can spend), so least I can cater it to appeal to me!

Glamping it is then… (I like the sound of being a discerning camper!). The under floor heating and wet rooms swung it. If we head to this site in Pembrokeshire we do not even have to travel a huge distance, job done!

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