Seeking City Adventure

I was born in Wales and lived a huge chunk of my life here, I do enjoy trips to other places though as much as I love the area I live I would get cabin fever if I did not escape occasionally to visit more thriving bustling areas. Our rural community can be claustrophobic at times, everyone knows everything about everyone and it would be good to be lost in a bigger city for a while. To be faceless amongst the crowd, with York having a population 28 times bigger than my own here it would not be so difficult there!

I had a look on the Hotel Direct site, so if I feel the urge I can quickly pack my bags and escape for an adventure. Our attractions are very limited, unless you are a fan of fields of sheep and stomping around muddy farms wearing Wellingtons because of all the rain your options close to my home anyway are severely limited.

Most of the shops and cafes are seasonal relying on tourist trade to stay open. It is a short season so we soon quieten down and it’s back to only the most hardy of regulars and locals walking the deserted streets. I crave the odd fix of shops as the novelty of online shopping can soon wear off; I want to see products up close before choosing what I want to buy. Plus a diet of fish and chips, sticks of rock and ice creams can be boring after a while (if you eat them often enough!) I quite fancy tucking into Yorkshire Parkin (classic ginger cake) with a decent cup of tea. Yorkshire cuisine is about big portions supposedly, going on how much my mum serves us at dinner I think that is a similarity with Wales. Lots of wholesome meals not tiny gourmet offerings that would never fill a mouseā€¦

Just like Wales York is rich in heritage, the city medieval walls and York Castle mean I can still embrace myself in history and from what I read on Wikipedia and another site that tells you all about the history of York, it is a place full of many other sites of interest. We have to travel to get to most of them here. We do have some beautiful natural attractions that is why I still love living in Wales regardless, even if public transport is sporadic and it seems a trek to get anywhere. Just check out how impressive the York Minster Cathedral is, I would gladly have that on my doorstep.

I love the detailing from one of the pictures my mum took on a trip a few years back. Magnificent!

York has lots of modern amenities and things to do whatever the weather, here I really feel sorry for campers when the wind and rain comes because it can look pretty miserable out there. Usually they make a sharp retreat back home and to be honest I cannot blame them! There is nothing to do when the heavens decide to pour.

My cousin lives in York and seems very happy there, settled and content. The people seem big hearted and unpretentious. It is city living but without the airs and graces of some other cities. You can actually do a test to see how Yorkshire you actually are some of the questions were quite revealing! It spotted me as not from Yorkshire but then I am Welsh at heart.

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