The importance of a decent car kit

had a lovely new car recently; it was all shiny straight from a showroom. Well that pristine look was very short
lived; now it’s covered in plaster dust from all the work in our building
site/new home! The inside is full of
crumbs from the boys and all the snacks they ask nicely (“demand!”) on long
journeys. Actually hubbie also adds a
fair few of his own, as he always has lots of sandwich wrappers and half empty
bottles of coke littering the front seats!

The money saving kit was part of a campaign by Debt Free Direct to encourage
people to reduce the costs associated with running a car. The infographic is quite educational:

It is good to have my eyes opened to some
potential savings. This is something I
desperately need to do right now, seeing as I may well have bitten off more
than I can chew with the house. Lets
just say it feels like it needs LOTS of care and attention in EVERY single

The package cheered hubbie up, as despite all the crumbs he
does love his car.

Owning a set of jump leads seems very grown up and
sensible but I can see how useful they would be. My eldest and hubbie went to swimming class once and the car
battery must have run out, as they could not get the car started. They had to wait for roadside assistance to
come, which took ages! If we had a set
of those handy jump leads in the car ready, hubbie could have with the help of
another car got home in time for tea!!! 
As it was the poor pair of them were famished and fed up. Worst still if you did not have roadside
assistance you might have had to ring a garage to come and rescue you, which
would have been very costly indeed!

The dustbuster is a fabulous idea to keep the car clean
and tidy, I got hubbie straight to work on those pesky crumbs! Otherwise knowing hubbie he would wait until
the car was in a terrible condition then be tempted to get a valet to do it all
for him! An expense we can sorely

Something I never knew was the importance of a digital
tyre inflator, your fuel economy can be effected by up to 35% if you have low
pressure. Given those kind of savings I
will be routinely checking our tyres and letting my friends and family have a
go at doing the same. I am sure they would
be very grateful I have drawn their attention to it.

Finally a spare bulb set, this looked a little high-tec
for me, but I think I would attempt using it if I did have a light go out! The fact that it is illegal to have a light
out and you can be fined £60 is enough motivation for me to learn what to do and quickly!

I hope these few little tips help some of you, I certainly feel a
bit more enlightened myself.

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