Three big purchases for enjoying the British summer – while it lasts

Do you realise that the British summer began on March 30th? You’d never have guessed it, would you? In between the rain, wind, mist and hail, we’ve had maybe a few days of sun, creeping out from behind the clouds like a long-lost relative you thought you’d never see again.

But when the sun does appear in Blighty, you know all about it – newspapers scream “HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR” at you from the front page, as though all wars and economic crises pale in comparison to the sliver of sunlight warming up your garden.

However, as everyone knows, that sun won’t last for long – usually just as you’re dragging the barbecue out of the garage, the heavens descend. You’ll be drenched in so much rain that you’ll pull your homemade ark out of the garage instead.

So, what can you do to make the most of our (very brief) British summer?

Enjoy that light indoors

Even if the sun is splitting the pavements, it might be bucketing with the summer rain. And you’ll be stuck indoors in the craggy grey of your home, unable to appreciate those Vitamin D giving rays in case you get soaked.

The solution? Invest in a conservatory with a glass ceiling and double glazing to retain the heat. That way you’ll be able to lounge in the sun without getting drenched.

If you are intending to invest in a conservatory, ensure that you have planning permission first. While most councils don’t require it, you’d be best to check lest you fall afoul of some rule or regulation.

Barbecue without the hassle

Just imagine it – you’ve invited people round and you’re setting the barbecue up but, like a flat pack abomination, you can’t make head nor tail of the thing.

“Insert screw C into hole F to make flange Z expand to rivet D3”, read the instructions. You’d need the bloody Enigma machine to crack what that means!

Before you know it, your frustrations have boiled over and you’ve kicked an unbuilt barbecue to smithereens. And all your guests are quietly staring at their feet, some of them shielding their children’s eyes from the blatant nutter in front of them.

So, invest in a barbecue that can stand permanently in your garden. For those with a heavier wallet, stone built barbecues are available that will light in a jiffy, and they won’t leave you stressed beyond repair.

Keep it shady

So, the weather forecast has claimed that we’ll be getting a full day of sun, a rarer occasion than Christmas! But that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to sizzle all day long. Even with effective protection, the risk of skin damage is high during those peak hours when the sun is at its highest point.

But if you want to stay outside AND safe from those rays, purchase a gazebo for a place to lounge in the shade while the sun beats down.

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