Tiger Feet Party Review

was very pleased to be reviewing this lovely site as it fitted perfectly with a
Smurfs party I was arranging in the community. 
I am a member of a childcare partnership that hosts fun events for our
children and I was charged with bringing all the delightful Smurf items to the
party. Well my job was made much easier
thanks to Tiger Feet Party, they
had so many different themes and within them plenty of Smurf products to pick from. I think sometimes its hard planning parties
as you can never get all the different items you need to really make it a co-ordinated
success, but Tiger Feet Party gave me no such problems.

My online basket was soon full of Smurf party hats, cups,
colouring and sticker packs for prizes and a cute Smurf soft toy. The choice was wonderful and I liked how
easy it was to find what I was looking for. 
The site is very simple to navigate and order from. I have seen lots more items I will be back
to buy when the boys have a suitable occasion to celebrate. My delivery came within a reasonable time frame which is handy to know if you have left your party planning a little on the late side.

found the prices affordable which is a huge plus as planning parties’ can
quickly become an expensive business. I personally think party bags are one of the biggest
costs involved so I thought the Smurfs
colouring sets made a suitable alternative at £1.29 each, we used these as
raffle prizes and they went down very well with the winners.

Although the
Smurf soft toy was snapped up first, it was so cute it came as no surprise
really! All the raffle ticket holders
were praying it would still be there in case they won; even I had my fingers tightly
crossed to try and win it for my youngest, sadly it was not to be.

little details really finish a party off and the party hats were quite cheap
and certainly got the seal of approval off our very own Smurfette.

I like how the search facility not only brings up the themed item you are looking for, but also matching coloured balloons, cutlery, plates and cups without the characters too. It takes lots of the stress out of hosting a party because they make finding the bits you need so straightforward. To top it all off they even have a loyalty program which is a welcome bonus!

If you want to give them a little love on social media then please follow their facebook and twitter accounts. I am genuinely really happy with my experience of Tiger Feet Party and going on the smiling faces at our Smurf party so were all our children.

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