TOMY Dinosaur Train InterAction Review and Competition

Sorry it’s a little later than anticipated but here is the
TOMY competition I promised. We were also
kindly sent a Mr Conductor character to add to the boys collection alongside
the sweet Tiny and cute Ned to giveaway.

review character Mr Conductor is very interactive he has a button to press on
top of his hat to open and close his mouth and burst into song. Then a button on his pocket watch lights up
when you press it and he talks more about different things, approaching
tunnels, next stops and requests for tickets of course (he is a very reliable
conductor so no travelling for free unfortunately!).

can move his arms, feet and neck to bring him to life when in play. You cannot really do anything with his tail
but then the conductor is a serious guy when he is handing out tickets he has
not got much time for tail wagging! He
is smartly dressed with his waistcoat and hat, so you know he means business.

Conductor is a great addition to the TOMY InterAction range of toys. The gang would not be complete without
adding him. They really are fun
characters to play with even as standalone figures, but add them to the rest of
the dinosaurs and they come to life with more conservation and singing.

is fabulous that TOMY keep developing the range and making it more and more
interactive than ever before. If you
would like to enter the competition to win a Tiny and Ned Dinosaur then please
complete the rafflecopter below by the 2nd of June.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

197 thoughts on “TOMY Dinosaur Train InterAction Review and Competition

  1. The Dinosaurs look like they would be really engaging to play with and would provide hours of imaginative play .. I'm sure my little boy would fall in love with them xx

  2. we absolutely love Dinosaur Train in our house. My son has all the interactive dinosaurs including the conductor and when my grandparents go to Australia in November they will be bringing back a couple of exclusive dinosaurs that you can't get over here.

    I hope it's ok for me to enter the competition even though we have the toys. My cousins little boy Charlie is 6 weeks older than my Jacob and seems to enjoy the dinosaurs when he comes to play so I thought it would be nice to try and win some of his own.

  3. I love Dinosaur Train as much as the little one! It's fab that the toys are so interactive and not like some of the quick cash in figures that some companies less scrupulous than Tomy produce

  4. The dinosaur range looks like fun for many different ages, very tactile and user friendly xx

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