An excuse to go shopping

am fed up of having so few clothes that to get through a complete week I need
to have the washing machine regularly on the go. I own a couple of pairs of jeans, a handful of tops and a
scattering of jumpers. I have one pair
of outside shorts and one pair of indoor shorts (they are too short to be seen
outside the house!). So you see when I
say I have a capsule wardrobe I really am not kidding. I would like to expand it slightly; it seems
crazy the boys have TWO wardrobes each, whilst hubbie and I share one between
us. Here is most of the sum total of my wardrobe (minus a couple of bits in the wash!). Like I have said before I doubt you will ever see me amongst the fashion bloggers. I just do not have a clue!

boys always have plenty of choice when it comes to picking what to wear for the
day. Even when the washing pile builds
up they have lots more shorts and t-shirts to pick from. They even own about 10 baseball hats each,
but to be fair that is more from me being forgetful and buying more not

So I think its high time hubbie and I went on a shopping
trip. He went to work today with a
safety pin holding together his trousers, so you see it’s not just me in
desperate need of more clothes. Over
the weekend we headed to the beach and then promptly left, when hubbie had sat
down his jeans had torn and his underpants were hanging out! So if anything I think my poor hubbie is
even worse off in the clothes department than me… I may have slim pickings but at least the clothes I do own are in a decent condition!

will need to get us a bigger wardrobe and then hopefully we will have a reason
to go shopping to fill it. I love wood
and hubbie had gone a little crazy spraying our new (very old) house with
woodworm treatment so I think we can safely say we can add new furniture into
the house now. I do not want to spend a
fortune and then find the resident woodworm had taken an (un)healthy interest in it!!! Fortune Woods
have a couple I quite fancy, including a triple wardrobe with plenty of space
for all the clothes I could possibly need.

our budget at the moment I planned to buy clothes as cheap as I could but I
have been put off a little by the news of the labels found in Primark clothes
lately. The story
does make you wonder and worry about the working conditions for the people
making the garments especially as the labels said things like “exhausting hours”. So I will buy my
clothes gradually over time and hopefully the companies I pick are ones that
treat their workers properly.

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